Bunnings adventure
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Hi there,

Today I went to Carindale with my parents. Cotton On was having a pretty good sale and I wanted to get a belt but the line was crazy long so I passed. Bought baby clothes for my cousin. Omg baby clothes are sooo cute! *o*

OOTD | Top: Thailand, Jeans: Levis

Went home and then Dong picked me up and went to Bunnings. Walked around for ages trying to find the lights I needed for my model. Ended up texting my tutor and asking what ones she bought. Turns out they were $50 for four strips of lighting. Sooooo.... I asked her for other suggestions of what I could use. Going to research them tonight and then go back to Bunnings or what not tomorrow. 

Also managed to find steel capped boots that I have been looking for for awhile. And they were $35. Which is cheaper than the ones I've found on other websites. The ones I found online in my size were $150 which is ridiculous. Also looked around Target but they were all too big. 

Afterwards went to get Sakuraya and eat some Hungry Jacks. Then went to work. Hope ya'll are having a nice night. 

Toodles! x

$50 light